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The Amazing (or not) adventures of Brad!

Eggman? Meet Walrus. Walrus? Meet Eggman. Glad we could make this work.

4 March 1982
Once Again! Fixing it for accuracy.

I am an archivist/records manager at a university in Milwaukee. If you strain a little you can probably figure out which one, but I don't want to put the name here because I've already been burned once by Google searches turning up this journal. As you thus may have guessed, I live in Milwaukee, and I love it, despite what my Chicago upbringing would have me believe (go Bears!) A Reform-leaning-Conservative Jew, I play quizbowl, brass instruments of various shapes and sizes, and Magic: the Gathering (albeit very poorly), and in days past I would hit people with various foam object that vaguely resembled medieval weaponry. Also, I game, watch the History Channel for fun, and know just a smidge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML, making me one of the biggest nerds you're likely ever going to meet. And proud of it, too.
i'm in ravenclaw!

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